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1.5 million students competed in school sports National News

Chairman of the Life Fatih Karakullukçu Turkey School Sports Federation, and evaluate activities in school sports.

2 months after being elected to this post in 2016 in Trabzon, 2016 World School Sports Olympics (Gymnasiade 2016) reminded that Karakullukçu, "There were close to 2 thousand athletes from 40 countries. July 15 FETÖ'nun treacherous coup attempt in the middle of the organization. hosting the delegation has given us the opportunity to prove in the international arena that it is an abusive undertaking. " he said.

the local degree field athletes in school sports to Turkey Championship, the domestic championship and if the degree of athletes in the tournament Karakullukçu stating that they qualify for the world championships, "the 2018-2019 training season in 54 branch 1 million 535 thousand 82 student athletes participated in school sports competitions. 2019 April-May -We participated in the World Championships held in June with 111 athletes, athletics, swimming, tennis branches and basketball branch, we won the second and third place. " used the phrase.

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"The goal is to encourage young people to sport"

Karakullukçu, Turkey, the World School Sports Federation (ISF), pointing out that one of the oldest members, "the ISF site has 3 main branches, gymnastics, athletics and swimming. Up to 20 in total, except that the industry Europe and organizes world championships. Most schools in our country We participate in 8 European and world championships annually. said.

"The aim of school sports is to encourage young people to sport and to protect successful athletes." said Karakullukçu, said:

"Let the students get acquainted with the sport, know the branches, increase the sporting awareness, reach the sporting behavior and do it with his family so that we can train both athletes and spectators. Therefore, our main goal in school sports is not to win the child's gold medal. This is a good sport for professional sports clubs. We want everyone to be informed about each branch.

"Thousand athletes from 30 countries"

Karakullukçu, the main branches of the ISF athletics in the 24th World Schools Championship in the country by stating that the thousand athletes from 30 countries are expected to participate in the organization will be held in Trabzon in 2021 reminded.

The international community of the school sports festival describing the nature of the Karakullukçu, school sports are not evaluated within the scope of the olympic points, but some athletes participated in sports competitions with a professional club in school sports, he said.

Stating that their goal is to contribute to each student to make sports Karakullukçu, "We see that in many countries, at least 3 sports branch, regardless of your academic success can not graduate. Participation in the process of school children's sports success is higher than those who do not do sports." used the phrase.

Source: AA

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