Sal. Oca 7th, 2020

Antalya-Konya road transportation is difficult National News


06 January 2020 Monday 23:11 – Last Updated Monday, 6 January 2020

Due to heavy snowfall in the district of Akseki Antalya Antalya-Konya road transportation is provided with difficulty.

Effective in the morning due to heavy rainfall in the district of Antalya-Konya 1825 altitude of the road in the area of ​​Alacabel altitude reached 1.5 meters in snow thickness. Due to snow, the route is difficult to reach.

Regional Traffic Directorate teams do not allow the passage of vehicles without chains and snow tires, heavy vehicles are directed to recreational facilities.

A large number of vehicles stranded on the road, teams of highways conducting snow-fighting work.

Mayor's help on the road

Akseki Mayor Ibrahim Ozkan, the region helped the remaining citizens on the road with traffic teams.

Ozkan, the remaining drivers tried to help pushing their cars.

Source: AA

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