Sal. Oca 7th, 2020

Erdogan spoke at the opening ceremony of MIT's new service building "KALE" National News

Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey's, anywhere in the world without the need for ratification and the help of any country thanks to successful efforts in all areas of the National Intelligence Agency, reported that have the opportunity to act in accordance with their own interests.

President Erdoğan addressed the participants at the opening ceremony of the new service building of the National Intelligence Organization (MİT) "KALE".

Erdoğan stated that MİT is one of the most important and powerful intelligence organizations in the international arena and said: diplomacy and intelligence used zoom that has a place. Turkey, our Organization no country diploma and anywhere in the world without the need of assistance due to successful efforts in all areas, have obtained the opportunity to act in accordance with their own interests. " used the phrase.

Erdoğan stated that they provided all kinds of support as they saw the successful work of the Organization, strengthened the legislation, allocated the necessary budget for the technological equipment they needed, and added the equipment such as UAV, SİHA, intelligence ship and intelligence aircraft to MİT.

"We will continue to pursue continuous innovation"

President Erdoğan emphasized that combining intelligence and technical capacity is an inevitable necessity in the process in which classical threats are becoming increasingly complex with the opportunities provided by technology. we will continue to pursue continuous innovations in intelligence as well as other areas of technology in derya. " he said.

Erdoğan underlined that they are determined to carry the point reached in technical intelligence one step further with image satellites, especially in data acquisition and image intelligence, and it is understood that there is a need for a capacity that can operate independently from the weather, providing continuous monitoring capability and covering more areas in the image intelligence. , the necessary technology for the development of a new satellite as soon as possible to produce and activate the relevant institutions, including TUBITAK said that the important responsibilities fall.

"The clutter of intelligence will disappear."

Stating that data analysis is another critical issue, President Erdoğan continued:

"Especially in the detection of terrorists and spies big data analysis, profiling work is needed. Intelligence gathering legally the only competent authority in the case of the National Intelligence Organization, access to all the resources needed for data analysis is a requirement of our national security. Our National Intelligence Organization will share the data it collects and analyzes with our institutions such as Turkish Armed Forces, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and General Directorate of Security, and thus, the problem of intelligence dissipation and coordination will automatically disappear.

We have seen the importance of this many times in the crises that we have experienced in recent years. As the most concrete example, after FETÖ was cleared from our institutions, our successes in the field of security started to coincide. Our security bureaucracy has acted as a single body and has the opportunity to fight the threats against our country. More importantly, our security institutions have increased their capabilities, capacities and even their personnel to a shared point for our national security needs. This table points to the establishment of trust among the institutions and the interests of the state and the nation above all else. "

"We have established the National Intelligence Coordination Board"

Erdogan pointed out that the development of coordination between the National Defense, Interior and Foreign Ministries and security institutions led by the MIT is necessary for internal and external security.

The aim of the cooperation between the institutions of intelligence, to be carried out over individuals to ensure that a healthy mechanism, Erdogan said, "We have created the National Intelligence Coordination Board for the coming days we will head. said.

President Erdoğan pointed out that the expectations of the state and the nation from the MIT are high. In addition, we must develop our intelligence in line with this reality together with other fields and even in the first place. " made the assessment.

MIT's successes are closely followed by voicing Erdogan, said:

"However, we also know that we have more ways to go. One of them is to develop new technologies and new operational methods. We will continue to increase the capabilities of our National Intelligence Organization in the country and continue to increase the operational capability abroad. aim at a more effective intelligence structure in cyber intelligence.

In order to overcome the problems we face, to ensure the survival of our state and the future of our nation, we are obliged to have this capability in the medium and long term. Moreover, we have to carry out this struggle not only in the field but also in the virtual environment. It is inevitable that the Organization will focus more on cyber space at a time when the Internet is being used very effectively by terrorists and spies. "

President Erdogan, has expressed that he qualified manpower and determination to work with the opposite problem of MIT believes that Turkey will continue to contribute in solving expected of him, he said:

"The anonymous heroes of our National Intelligence Organization will continue to fulfill their duties without waiting for any response, such as 'Dervish' and 'Akıncı' when necessary. I do not doubt that this new headquarters, which our President calls 'KALE', will serve as one of the protective castles of our state and nation, especially in the name of it.

Source: AA

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