Çar. Oca 29th, 2020

Hamas calls for national action plan against Trump's plan to split Palestine National News

Hamas, in his written statement, welcomed the attitude of Abbas, who rejected the US plan, urged the Palestinian President to take common, strong concrete steps against this alleged peace plan.

Requesting a national meeting, Hamas asked Abbas to prepare a joint action plan.

Noting that they will strongly oppose Trump's so-called peace plan, Hamas stressed that they see the US administration as an accomplice to the occupation, and that the so-called peace plan is nothing more than a conspiracy to eradicate Palestine.

Hamas also reacted to the ambassadors of some Arab countries to attend the meeting where the plan was announced, urging the Arab and Islamic countries to oppose this so-called peace plan targeting the Palestinian land and the sacred.

Trump's plan to dismantle Palestine

US President Trump announced the unilaterally so-called Middle East peace plan to the public yesterday at a joint press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu at the White House.

Stating that Jerusalem will be considered the "indivisible" capital of Israel under the so-called peace plan, Trump claimed that the plan was an independent Palestinian state and "last chance" for Palestinians.

Washington ambassadors from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain and Oman also attended the meeting, which announced the plan.

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