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How Web Site Content Should Be? – PUBLIC CAREER Last Minute Ad and Address of the News


September 18, 201922

Purpose of the Website

Website constructionWhen starting, the purpose of our site, the subject needs to be well defined and attention should focus on this purpose and subject.

The content of the website should have a broad, original content structure

When writing the content of the website, the subject we want to tell, the message should be told in plain words by selecting the message and the message to be given directly should be given.

For example: When a visitor enters a web site made by an olive company, information about the company, products and images of the company should be provided easily so that the visitor is bored and should not be formed in a negative mind.

Appropriate Color Selection of Website

When creating a website, the colors in the design should be a maximum of 3 colors. Because it leads to more confusion, the color gets tired, it is not approved by the customer, it is not liked, it leaves a bad impression.

What kind of improvements will be made on the website if these are done?

Successful Web Site Features

  • Well designed, must have an original idea.
  • Provide sufficient information.
  • It must be fast.
  • Customers should be provided with detailed information.
  • Current technology needs to be exploited.
  • He must contact the customer.
  • Should be able to analyze.
  • The color should work smoothly, suitable in terms of design.
  • Access should not cause problems.
  • The content with the domain name should reflect the firmly well-suited.
  • It must be ranked high in search engines.
  • It needs to be designed easy for visitors to find what they are looking for.
  • Visitors need to have a contact form to contact managers.

Website Codes Used in Content