Çar. Oca 29th, 2020

Legal Communication

If you have any news that you want removed, just  send an  e-mail to wetabilisim@gmail.com .Legal Noticesnationalhaber.com  news site, the law, laws, copyright and personality rights to be respected. Our site serves as a ‘content provider’.Contrary to the law of site management is under no obligation to check the contents.Therefore, our site has adopted the ‘warn and remove’ principle. Any news live discomfort due to news of who doubt the reality and  COPYRIGHT works is subject to legal olmu that month to a format that is shared and rights holders professional associations who believe that legal rights are violated, wetabilisim@gmail.co I   can reach us by mail.TERMS OF USEAll rights of news, articles, pictures and photographs published in National News stemming from FSEK and Press Law belong to the institution / person / author who is quoted and written in the source section.Special news and analysis of National News can be quoted by citing sources.National News is a blog site. It is not an established or commercial publication. National News connects the author and author of the analysis and articles on the blog site and its content.

Declaration of Illegality

Nationalhaber.com, law and laws, as well as the public, business partners and third parties’ intellectual and industrial rights to respect the personal rights adopted.

Nationalhaber.com has no obligation to check whether the content created by users and members is illegal. nationalhaber.com has adopted the “WARNING and REMOVE” method for unlawful content and content considered to be violated by the rights of third parties.

natural and legal persons, neighboring or related rights holders or professional associations claiming that some content within nationalhaber.com violates their personal rights, intellectual and industrial rights,

– URL address of the content subject to infringement and the subject of the subject subject to infringement,

– If it is a real person, a document indicating his identity, if a legal person is a room registration certificate, and if it is a professional association, a letterhead request letter signed by the authorized person,

– Power of attorney if the power to act by proxy is used,

– The document showing that it is entitled to intellectual and industrial rights claims,

– Open name / title and open contact  addresses

They may notify nationalhaber.com’s wetabilisim@gmail.com address provided they do so. Requests and complaints reaching this e-mail address will be reviewed by our editors.OUR WEBSITE BROADCASTS ONLY ON THE INTERNET!