Çar. Oca 29th, 2020

Retired Istanbul Preacher Ahmet Vanlıoğlu sent off on his last journey National News

Afternoon funeral prayer was performed in Fatih Mosque for Vanlıoğlu, who had been receiving cancer treatment for a while and died at the age of 77 at the previous day.

Van Erdogan, who also served as the Deputy Mufti of Istanbul for a period, was appointed by President Erdogan, Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank, President of Bayrak Özdemir Bayraktar, İsmailağa Community Leader Mahmut Ustaosmanoğlu, Hasan Kılıç, Kemal Hut, his son Ahmet Ustaosmanoğlu, relatives and many citizens participated.

President Erdoğan and other participants also performed the funeral prayer of Melek Tiryaki in the same mosque.

"He was an exemplary person with everything"

In his speech at the funeral, President Erdoğan said that Ahmet Vanlıoğlu is an exemplary name in the podium, altar, and everything else.

Erdogan, "In his address at the podium, he had conquered our tribe, Vanlıoğlu, our master. He had conquered our hearts and hearts with such a beautiful expression style. said.

Expressing that he wants to visit him when he comes to Istanbul, but he is not, Erdogan said, "Now we are with him. May I cem. " he spoke.

After his speech, Erdoğan carried the coffin of Vanlıoğlu for a while.

The funeral of Vanlıoğlu was buried in Edirnekapı Cemetery.

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