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Special Article for Those Who Want to Establish a Web Site – PUBLIC CAREER Last Minute Ad and Address of the News

Building a website I want, where should I start? How to set up a website, one How to make a website I have no idea or technical knowledge, what steps should I follow?

Setting up a site What do I need for the site opening process is difficult, I can do?

If you're looking for a guide to take me from 0 and explain how to set up a professional website, what to do, without skipping any steps,

You are at the right address!

This building a website in my guide to you 5 things I guarantee;

one-Setting up a site process Without skipping any step from 0 I'll tell you.
2nd-I will see you as individuals who do not have any technical or coding knowledge.
3-You will be able to reach me at any point throughout the article by commenting on this article and getting help. Your questions will be answered free of charge.
4-This guide is building a website It will be the most detailed and comprehensive guide you have read about.
5-Finally, I would like to state that this article constantly up to date to be kept and kept well.

Normally, to establish a web site, you must first learn English, and then you need to learn the coding languages ​​such as Php, css, jquery, js through the English language you have learned.

As you can see, it was easy to learn what to say in a single sentence, but to learn a foreign language right at least 1 year It takes a while.

So learn coding languages ​​on top of that. at least 1 – 2 years If you say (which may be more) in total, I will summarize the to-do list in a single sentence. at least 3 years such a time costs.

Of course, this time to give the right patiently and willingly to spare everyone is not a job can do. Moreover, in addition to our daily work, creating this time is a problem in itself.

Is not it ?

So I'm taking this time building a websiteI'm a z? Build a site There is no alternative, a shorter way to?

Of course there is!

That's me, too. How to set up a website in my article to open a site I will show you this short path.

Of course, the short way to mention the quality in the sense that you do not lead to the wrong thoughts, because contrary to your opinion, this short way, the site is currently the most technologically advanced and most popular method used to build the world.

If you have a set up a website but what exactly is it about set up a website you need to be sure.

What is required to build a website?

To set up a website In this article, we will follow this method, which I will talk about is one of the most widely used and known methods in the world.

Setting up a website consists of 3 steps;

one-First you'll get a domain name and hosting,

2nd-This is what we take hosting and domain We will install the wordpress software that offers for free.

3-And after installing wordpress, our site is ready by category design (theme) We will like and buy, we will establish.


Building a website very general concept. So okay, you're a How to set up a website You may be doing research, but what exactly do you have in mind?

E-commerce site ? news website ? movie series site ? blog site ? hotel site ? restaurant site ? real estate site ? a site for your company ? or is it another site of any kind of different category?

This website making in any category you can think of Setting up a websiteYou will be able to.

Because although building a website Although the discourse is a general concept and under the idea of ​​building dozens or even hundreds of different types of sites,

#Basically all of these are in different categories site creation There is a point where their ideas intersect. He too hosting + domain + wordpress

One e-commerce, news, blog, company or hotel site, or you can include all kinds of sites you can think of this site, all of these sites on the basis of the most domain + hosting + wordpress software.

The difference is that is the design part.

Note: If you want to set up a forum site, you install phpbb instead of wordpress. Due to set up a website We continue to narrate for.

And, setup e-commerce sitein the 3 steps up SSL certificate Adding to buy.

#In other words, domain and hosting, after you install wordpress on this wordpress established on the design (theme), the site will be the part of the category will give direction.

Well you say, I don't know what domain, hosting or wordpress is, where to buy it, what it costs, how to install it etc. I have no idea.

How do I proceed?

Don't worry, you'll find the narrative of all of them in the continuation of the article with step-by-step explanations.

What is Domain and Hosting?

What does Host mean? What is Domain? Don't think of the terms I don't know from the first step, the first time I've heard, I'll explain right away;

Hosting: You will host your site's files 7/24 open servers.

Domain: Domain is the name of your site, ie like I like.

What is WordPress?

WordPress does not require any technical knowledge or coding knowledge of ordinary people Web site is a system that allows them to install. In technical terms, wordpress is an open source (ie free) software. It is a content management system.

In fact, WordPress is one of the biggest breakthroughs on the Internet to date, eliminating the need for coding and learning the English language.

This is such a revolution,

  • Nowadays, all the web sites on the internet worldwide 27% The wordpress is built with the infrastructure and this percentage continues to increase every year.
  • This 27% total 76.5 million websites Corresponding. In other words, 76.5 million websites around the world use the wordpress infrastructure.
  • Again worldwide day 50,800 new wordpress plugin is being produced. (I'll mention what the plugin means below.)

In other words, wordpress is a system that has been developed continuously and has been in a better position, which has enabled the development of the internet and the inclusion of ordinary people like me and you in the internet sector.

One of Turkey's largest news sites isYou'll find that even WordPress uses.

Of course, besides the famous film sites, number of sites, blogs, news sites, technology sites such as Turkey also saw that many sites that use AcAksInIzdIr infrastructure. Likewise you are reading uses the infrastructure of

WordPress is a very useful site management system that you can manage with clicks like a word, excel program and you can master the usage in a short time.

What is a theme?

The theme is, as I said above, what kind of set up a website If you want, design of your siteare ready-coded software to give direction.

Like a real estate site Let's say we would build. First of all, as I explained below, first you buy a domain + hostig, you install the wordpress on this hosting and domain and you get your site published.

Then, for the real estate site you want to set up wordpress real estate theme you choose, like and buy, and you get this real estate theme from the installation of the wordpress panel you install, that is, dress your site.

Or a hair salon site the same processes. This time after installing WordPress wordpress hairdresser theme likes, you are setting up your site. Or a e-commerce, a news, a blog site The same process applies to.

At the bottom of this theme, that is, the design issue, I'll take a more detailed look at the design stage after taking domain + hosting and installing wordpress. Right now, you just need to understand the logic.

What is the cost of building a website?

if set up a website If you feel that you need to pay high amounts for these jobs, or if you have heard that way, I would say that you are absolutely wrong.

But I did, web site companiesI asked for a price. They told me about figures like at least 4.5 thousand pounds? So they're wrong?

Don't say it! Because they cost me the figures below and put the rest in their pockets.

Building a website it is not a costly operation. Even a fairly cheap transaction. Let me summarize the items that cost us. There are 4 items in total.

#Domain: Annual fee approx 50 TL like a figure.
#Hosting: Annual fee for the first year $ 120 in the following years 300 – 350 TL like a figure. (Of course, when the number of people entering your site exceeds 3 – 5 thousand, you will need to move to higher packages, but this will increase the cost, but the income you already receive from your site will cover these costs in many times.)
#WordPress: infrastructure is free. We don't pay for it.
#Theme: One-time payment and Lifetime right to use Total average combined with $ 50 I can say.

When we examine these 4 items to set up a website except for the first year, $ 500 around. Of course, this is an overall average figure, but more or less in these neighborhoods.

For the first year, hosting company, first time Web site the price of hosting in the first years of the people who will establish the tool for $ 120 like a figure. And the domain for the first year presents.

So opening a site When you put your idea into practice by following this article, $ 400You will have paid a figure like. 150 TL hosting + domain + $ 50 theme. (We make a one-time payment to the theme initially and use it for life.)

Of course these costs included all site owners pays on an annual basis. So these costs are a must for this business. So free internet site building There is no such thing. Believe me that you use as a product, you earn money from you.

First Steps to Set Up After Setting Up a Web Site

We took care of the design phase, but after this step building a website What else do we have to do on behalf of?

Of course, there are still steps you must take. Register your site with google, submit your sitemap to google, integration of tools you see site statistics, etc. like.

Note: Don't be fooled by the word blog in the title of the post, these steps are the same for all sites in the category (including blog sites).

one-After completing these steps you need to learn how to use wordpress back. There are hundreds or even thousands of guides and videos on the Internet about how to use WordPress. Every time you search on google, you will come across a solution or a narrative.

It is also a time consuming process to learn the whole thing and to know what it is doing, but it is not difficult or requiring any coding knowledge.

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