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Steps to Start E-Commerce and Do E-Commerce – KAMU CAREER Last Minute Ad and News Address

There are many methods of making money on the internet, as many of us know.
As an internet user, I have done almost all of the methods of making money on the Internet. Of these, I've earned $ 3,000 from Adsense so far, in 2.5 months. Nowadays, a more profitable business than Adsense E-commerce to make money on the Internet and E-commerce I want to tell everyone.

I could actually write this book and sell it on X-Commerce or other affiliate sites, but thinking that it wouldn't suit me, I'll tell you here how to trade e-commerce to my esteemed brothers and give them an opportunity, although not exactly in detail.

Part 1: Introduction to E-Commerce
I'm starting with the assumption that you've decided to go into e-commerce. make sales online is not as difficult as it is thought. Of course, everything has to be formal. No need to worry these are very easy operations. We will both make money and benefit our state so that you can understand that everyone can do a job of course is an obligation to do honestly.

Section 2: For E-Commerce Site (Host and domain)
Yes, we need to buy host and domain for our e-commerce site. My advice to you is that your site currently has 10 gb of monthly traffic. to be. This corresponds to approximately 60,000 people per month.

Assuming that we have received your host and domain Setting up our siteor site open card en is the best site base we can use on E-commerce site. As soon as the Open card is installed on your site, it is automatically installed with the E-commerce template, without the need to apply any other themes. In the meantime, if you want any company can make E-commerce site. I'm using the free one. The pan Open Card yönetim management panel is very easy and I learned in 30 minutes. Assuming that we have established our site I'm going to section 3.

Part 3: Tax And Virtual Pos Transactions For Our E-Commerce Site
We will go to the tax office for our e-commerce site and give our site address and home address as workplace. We'il register tax. There's nothing to worry about – these are easy enough to be done by an accountant you know or just meet, or together. After making our tax registration, it is time for the banks to agree to a virtual pos with any bank that receives money on a yearly basis for virtual pos at various prices. It is worth mentioning that. You receive a virtual pos for your site by completing the requested information of the bank you apply.

Part 4: Buying Wholesale Or Retail Items For Our Ecommerce Website
We will first create 15 product categories on our site. If our budget does not allow such categories, we will go to Istanbul market or wholesalers in the city we live in. You say good, and I don't have a budget, I seem to hear you say you do shopping at the spot.

Friends make sure there is a way of everything. For example, in my site from Istanbul market wholesalers; I started taking bath slippers, shoes, rings, shank beads. I couldn't afford the electronic devices, so I settled with a spot player in the city where I lived and took the commission per sale. In the same way, I took care of my hardware category. You never think of a negative man has come to mind why you deal with you that you can think that he sells on the Internet.

Yes, we will inevitably come to our minds but remember that there are a lot of search engines like Google's giant, they say, if you have Google what you need me? In addition, there are 4 grocery stores close to each other in my neighborhood, so I say that be courageous, go to any spot or wholesaler you know or recognize and start selling your products on your site. And there's no need for a warehouse like this. Assuming we did this way, I go to chapter 5.

Section 5: How to Sell My Products?
This is the most crucial point of our business. First of all “SEO”We will do this as much as we can, or if our budget allows. After that, "advertising comes how to market my products? ”Nasıl how do I advertise?”. The most effective method I have used for this is Adwords. Friends words Adwords ir is not as difficult as it seems. Words Adwords ”does not accept only the products of X-Commerce or similar sales partners, ie it does not accept E-Books. Keywords are the most important thing to consider in AdWords. Use whatever keyword you've used for which product on your site. Don't use non-select keywords on your site. Read this carefully if you don't want to spend too much money on AdWords.

Let's say you have someone or someone who advertises the same product as your mobile phone. The man has chosen 0.80 for the keyword he has chosen, you do not enter into competition with it, do not be afraid my ad is not shown, there is no such thing as my product is not sold. Adwords does not impose on you so you give 0.81. There is no such thing as your ad will also be shown. Of course, his ad will show more. I do not compete with anyone on the Internet research what is the best-selling product I do his campaign whatever budget I advertise accordingly.

Friends do not be afraid of friends who want to do so E-Commerce from me Gather your courage and get better in this business.

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