Sal. Oca 7th, 2020

US claim to withdraw from Iraq National News

A letter infiltrating social media under the name of Brigadier General William H. Seely III, commander of the Iraqi Task Force of the United States, changed the agenda.

The US commander allegedly wrote to Abul Amir, Deputy Joint Commander of Baghdad Joint Operations, saying: will change. or

CH-47 Chinook, UH 60 type helicopters, as well as security AH-64 Apache type helicopters in the region will concentrate flights during the withdrawal.

The letter also drew attention to the fact that the withdrawal operation would be done at night so as not to cause the perception that the US had brought additional troops to Iraq. General We respect your sovereign decision to ask us to leave, ABD the US general said in his letter.

Denial from the US Department of Defense

The letter, which was widely published in the media, was not confirmed by the US Department of Defense (Pentagon).

US Defense Secretary Esper denied the letter on social media that they would withdraw from Iraq, saying, "We are not withdrawing from Iraq; we have no plans to withdraw." said.

The Iraqi Assembly yesterday decided to remove US forces from Iraq. Parliament gave the government the obligation to implement the decision.

US President Donald Trump reacted to the Iraqi Parliament's decision demanding US troops to leave the country. he said.

Source: AA

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