Çar. Oca 29th, 2020

Warnings to buy gold from jewelers National News

Hasan Çavuşculu, President of the Ankara Chamber of Jewelers and Watchmakers, said that the gold fields should pay attention to some details for saving.

Expressing that gold is the safest saving tool due to the negativities experienced in international markets or economy from time to time, Çavuşculu said that this product will continue to be the most valuable commodity in the coming years.

Çavuşculu pointed out that gold is preferred for different purposes and said:

"Not every gold is a saving tool. Those who want to buy gold for saving should definitely say that they want gold for this purpose when they go to the jewelers. There are also lots of jewelry and ornamental products. They have a very small manufacturing difference. They also have a quarter-half gold. I recommend those who buy gold to save money every month from these gold coins regularly. Other than those who say that we should use it as jewelry and save money, they should consult with jewelers. "

Çavuşculu emphasized that he did not find it very correct to get the gold purchased for saving unless it was needed. "When he saw 250 lira, some people went to change his gold. Now the gram of gold has passed 300 liras. when there is no need, only those who broke the gold just because the gram of gold was 250 liras. Now it is over 300 liras, I think it will hurt those who wait and wait for it to fall again. he spoke.

Çavuşcul of the developments in the world and Turkey said they foresaw the rise under Referring to economic stability.

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