Sal. Oca 14th, 2020

We could have achieved a better result National News

Medipol Basaksehir coach Okan Buruk, said in a statement at the press conference, "The goal of the match before the first match to catch the advantage of the first match, the second match was comfortable. When we look at the first half of the offensive sense of productivity, I think." said.

Okan Buruk said that his opponents stayed in the field as they expected and made defense.

"Our opponent had done the defense well in the previous rounds. We wanted to play a little faster and more vertically, we could have entered more positions. The second half striker line with the reinforcements, Demba Ba, Visca and Crivelli with the three offensive players in the game. The end of the match was very exciting for both teams.It was a really nice match, I congratulate Kırklarelispor'u because of the struggle.We will try to pass the round next week. Our opponent will be more advantageous in the second match. A defense-oriented team, the second match will continue to do so. "

Bilgin Erdem: We want to pass the tour

GMG Kirklarelispor coach Bilgin Erdem said that they are fighting very well and want to pass the round by showing the same fight in the rematch.

Erdem, Medipol Basaksehir is one of the most powerful teams of the Super League underlined.

"Our competitor, since the second week until the 17th week in the Super League have a very successful process. We came here timidly, the cup successfully we continue with enthusiasm. We had a hope, excitement, all the heads were here. We tried to motivate our players. We have finished the first leg of the cup with a good result against a strong team of the Super League like Başakşehir .The beginning is important but the finish is more important.Inshallah We want to show the same excitement and struggle and pass the tour in Kırklareli. I hope that we will be the last laughing. I can say the favorite Başakşehir. "

Bilgin Erdem, MKE Ankaragücü and Gaziantep FK on the elimination of the reminder, "Our dreams are always there, our dreams continue. We came here to continue our dreams. Such teams cut the penalty, teams that solve the lock. We respect it until the end of the struggle, but we protect We want to pass the tour with the support of our audience, Thrace. " said.

Source: AA

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