Sal. Oca 7th, 2020

We will increase the presence of ovine animals as much as our population National News

Agriculture and Forestry Minister Bekir Pakdemirli, Turkey Breeding Sheep and Goat Breeders Central Union (TÜDKİYEB), organized by a hotel, "3. Strengthening Agriculture, Forestry Council of Small Ruminant Breeding Action Plan Meeting" in his speech in n full record in 2020 in small ruminants would be stressed a year .

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, sheep is important for the development of ovine livestock raising striking Pakdemirli, 33 billion pounds grants provided to the livestock sector in this context, he said.

"We will increase our sheep livestock as much as our population"

Pakdemirli, the presence of ovine animals in 2019 by reminding that 50 million, "We did not settle with these, we will not settle. Because of the population growth in the world and in our country, depending on demand and demand in the market, we are working on short and long-term planning. I believe until 2023 with the right policies and organizations we will increase our ovine presence as much as our population. " found.

"5.9 billion pounds forage crops support payment we made"

In animal husbandry, roughage costs constitute an important share indicating that Pakdemirli, "Farmers to obtain cheap and high quality roughage forage crops, we support. Thus, in the last 17 years, 5.9 billion pounds forage crops have made support payments. " found.

Pakdemirli, especially by 2023, pointed out that they aim to open more than 2 million hectares of land for irrigation, "Thus, increasing the production of forage crops, we will supply roughage that our growers need." used.

53.1 percent of forest areas in the cattle and ovine animals that provide a planned grazing transfers Pakdemirli, told the steps taken in this context.

Pakdemirli, breeding sheep, goat breeds, for the protection of breeding registers and yield records will be started in the near future, "Breeding program kept under the register of sheep goat 100 pounds per goat, breed ram-goat breeders using the breeding ram, goat 500 pounds will support the payment. " he said.

"We exported 141 thousand sheep."

Turkey's 2019 5 underlining that perform live sheep and goat exports to countries Pakdemirli, "Azerbaijan, Qatar, Sudan, Iraq, and we exported 141 thousand sheep and goats Lebanon. So let's imports, I say we exported. I'm talking about the numbers, the numbers do not mislead . " found.

Source: AA

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